SwellSpy was created to do one thing better than any other live streaming surf cam site out there: offer the best high-quality, live streaming surf cameras possible. What we found was that the other live cam sites tended to sacrifice one of these things for another: They either had free cams but poor camera quality, nice cams with advertisements, or crappy cams and ads.

Or you’d have to watch 30 seconds of some boring ad before being granted access to the cam only to be kicked back out right as the set was rolling in. Would have been quicker to drive to the beach.

Surfing is the ultimate expression of freedom. Shouldn’t surf cams be the same way?

Our promise to you is to always have the best cameras with the most exceptional high definition (HD) quality possible. There are other ways to monetize a surf cam website and we don’t think putting ads before, during or in between our videos are the way to do it. Just push play and you’ll see exactly what the waves are doing, helping you decide when you want to bail out of work, what the tides are doing, how the crowds look, or a number of other things that only a high quality camera will tell you about what the ocean is doing in that exact moment.


SwellSpy was started by brothers Felipe and Daniel Lofaso, two South Florida surfers who really just wanted to see what the waves were doing at all times. SwellSpy was never really intended to be some huge corporation or some household brand; we’d still have cams up even if nobody used them because we like to surf and we’re pretty crafty with technology.

If you like to surf too we encourage you to tell your friends about the cams and share the site with everyone you know. Hell, we even encourage you to click the ads (they’ll never be on our cams, promise) and check out what some of the local businesses have to offer. To be completely transparent, SwellSpy advertises so we can offset the cost of the cams – these 1080 HD cams ain’t cheap – and to hopefully fund some of our surf addiction.

If we are helping you surf more what’s the problem with making some coin on the side?


The future of SwellSpy looks promising. We handle all of the site’s content, are fully responsible for the cams and are looking to expand them to areas that are representative of areas that you want to surf. We like partnering with hospitality businesses that are on the beach because we both win from the exposure of the surf cams. We put a cam up for free, they give us access to internet and we provide them with free advertising. It’s a win-win-win (because you win too).

Look for our cams popping up at popular surf breaks – usually one’s that everyone already knows about instead of one’s at your super-secret spot – this way we don’t contribute to the overcrowding of the already crowded lineups.

If you have any feedback about the site, want to write for us or are interested in talking about collaborations, we’re all ears. If you want to complain about a surf cam at your local spot our email is broken.


See you in the water