As the anticipation grew during the build up to the first ever WSL Pe’ahi (JAWS) Challenge, the swell did not disappoint.  Big Wave Tour commissioner Pete Mel gave the go ahead for the event and all eyes were on Maui.  Just as the WSL’s Women’s Target Maui Pro concluded, the Big Wave Tour began offering some massive rides and showcasing some serious big wave talent.  History was made and the production did not disappoint.  We give many props to the WSL production crews, commentators, and all the behind the scenes personnel that made this event what it was – epic.

Shortly after the conclusion of the Pe’ahi Challenge, big wave surfers were served a second shot of big wave swell and every facet of wave riding took to the sea.  Paddlesurfing by Kai Lenny proved to offer the best ride of the day in this clip while other windsurfers and kitesurfers took to dramatic under the lip maneuvers.  Truly an amazing run of big wave swell to hit Maui’s coastlines.

The big question is: Would you paddle into the jaws of Pe’ahi?  See you in the water.  SwellSpy.

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