Ranging from a 5’6″ swallow tail to a 9′ log, Wavestorm has a new and improved quiver in the works according to these leaked photos. Photo: Team Wavestorm

The Inertia

The most popular surfboard in America is getting an upgrade. The Costco foamie is recognizable even from the sand, with a white and blue pinstripe pattern on the deck, and a slick white bottom. Wavestorm recently ventured out creating the Rasta-inspired “tri-color classic,” but according to a leak passed on to us by the captain of Team Wavestorm (the team is not affiliated with Wavestorm International, by the way), the company has a new and improved quiver in the works.

Leaked specs on the new Wavestorm. Photo: Team Wavestorm

The “Original New Modern” line, besides being a string of three contradictory adjectives, will come in a 9ft, 8ft, 7ft and a 5ft 6″ swallow tail. All models boast a more durable skin that makes them a touch grippier, which they call an “Elastomer barrier skin deck.” Water won’t get stuck in the fins as easily either with the addition of plug inserts that are water sealed to protect the board from gradually gaining 50 pounds of water weight. These plugs also make for harder turns and faster speeds.

Original, new, and modern. All at the same time. Photo: Team Wavestorm

These babies to be available soon at a Costco near you.

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