There looks to be some windswell and swell on the way starting this Friday, April 15th. Friday should see some 2-3ft waves in the knee to waist range on Friday, building to 3-4ft on Saturday. The winds are somewhat light, albeit not offshore.

Friday is calling for winds from the SSE and SE while Saturday they should start SSE and turn to a more ENE direction.

As we enter Sunday we actually start to get a different swell from the NE/ENE with heavier winds in the 12 to 15 kts range from the NE. Surf will jump up a bit Sunday and Monday with Monday likely being the biggest day.

Looking further out there should be waves all next week with some possible offshore conditions on Wednesday and Thursday as the swell fades.

The short of it is there should be somewhat fun waves from Friday through next Friday.

Daniel Lofaso
Daniel Lofaso
Daniel Lofaso covers the WSL, local surf topics, surfing fitness and nutrition and is the tech nerd behind SwellSpy.

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