The buzz of a new wavepool proposal in South Florida has had the surf world anxious for Kelly Slater Wave Co’s first (likely) commercial surf park. No doubt, putting Kelly’s wave on offer for the common surfer will be the biggest news in manmade waves since…well, ever. Wavegarden’s opened two surf parks to the public in the past two years with confirmed plans to build several more in the future. But there’s no denying the general surf public has been much more excited about KSWC’s barreling perfection since getting our first glimpse in 2015.

The 22-page zoning application, submitted by the West Palm Beach firm Urban Design Kilday Studios, is requesting to develop “Surf Ranch Florida” on an area of land UDKStudios says has been available for development for the past 10 years. “The Surf Ranch would be comprised of a man made surfing lake and support facilities intended for public recreational and competition purposes, which may include larger events requiring separate approvals for Special Events,” the application reads. Building the first competition arena for a WSL event seems to be the most intriguing possibility that’s been discussed since the news broke.

There are two mentions of KSWC in the application and of course, the use of the name “Surf Ranch” is a pretty good hint that this is in fact Kelly’s wave. Just a week ago Kelly dropped a hint that there are some exciting projects in the works, including some good news for goofyfooters. But other than that the proposal never explicitly says Kelly Slater Wave Company is Urban Kilday Design Studios’ client, and neither UDKS or the WSL responded to confirm by email or phone that “Surf Ranch Florida” is in fact a KSWC project.

So while every common assumption tells us this new South Florida surf park is going to be the world’s first chance to flock to Kelly’s wave, it looks like we’ll all have to wait just a bit longer to know if this dream is finally going to become a reality. I’m still holding my breath. It’ll probably be worth it.

Checkout my tractor at the #SurfRanch. It came with the property and actually drives pretty well. I’ve been reminiscing about everything happening at @KSWaveCo and Surf Ranch over the last year and a half. 110 miles from the coast, who would have thought we’d have the wave we have? It’s been such a humbling and exciting experience bringing this wave to life with my team and receiving the overwhelming support from the surf community all over the world. The sheer number of people I talk to about it on a daily basis is unbelievable. I know everyone is wondering what’s next for the Surf Ranch, and there’s been a few rumors floating around, so I thought I would send out an update. This prototype system in Lemoore was created to prove out the fundamental concept of the design and technology, our version 1.0. That wave blew my mind, but I also immediately saw ways we could improve it. We got right to work in the lab. The feedback we received from dozens of surfers (not only CT level) was incredibly helpful. And a few months ago we did what obsessive people do: we took something great and took it apart to create something even better. This will mean more waves, more sections and the goofy footers might be pretty excited too. Also, I can’t say officially, but there’s some exciting projects on the horizon and I look forward to sharing more with you as the year unfolds.

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