In the surfing world it is common to look for ways to improve your surfing when the waves go flat. Most people scower the internet to find a fitness routine that might look fun and give it a go for a few days. It is important to understand that all increases in your surf fitness take time and proper programming to really see the benefit translate to the water. These exercises below are some of the most relevant exercises to improve your surfing as they target the largest muscle groups in the hips and upper body. If you are looking for more great ways to improve your surfing and assess your current surfing shape, check out

Lunges – Walking lunges most closely mimic the surfing stance and are extremely important to developing strength and power in your surfing. This exercise highlights use of the Quads, Glutes and Adductors (inner thigh) which are key surfing muscles to strengthen.

Try 3 Sets of 20 Steps using only body weight to start.

Lunge strengthen your surfing


Superman – The superman helps to develop endurance in the upper back, shoulders and core. This will help your posture and lead to increased paddle endurance.

Try 3 Sets of 30 Second Holds to start.

Superman strengthen your surfing

Pull Ups  The Pull up is the ultimate in paddle strength exercises. Emphasizing the lats and pecs, this is your go to exercise to become a strong and powerful paddler.

Try 3 Sets of 5 Reps to start.

Pull up strengthen your surfing


Barbell Deadlift – Definitely not for the beginner, the Deadlift promotes posterior chain strength otherwise known as explosive extension. This exercise can increase your vertical jump quite quickly as it teaches your body how to use the most powerful muscles in the hip, Glutes, Hamstrings and Quads.

Try 3 Sets of 50% of your body weight for 6 reps to start.



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