Every year, hundreds and thousands of surfers from all over the world travel to Australia in search of the perfect waves. Australia has some of the best surf spots in the world. Surfing and surf culture is not just a fad of the 21st century – surfing has its origins in Polynesian culture for thousands of years. Only over the past 200 years have records of surfing been documented. Surfing was introduced to Australia in December 1914 by legendary Hawaiian Olympic champion, Duke Kahanamoku.

Kahanamoku was invited to give a surfboard riding exhibition. He quickly shaped a surfboard out of a solid piece of Queensland Sugar Pine. Australia has produced more surf champions than any other nation in the world. Since 1914, a whole way of life has developed around surfing in Australia – it in now tantamount with Australian culture. The guys at Total Surfing Fitness made this great infographic that gives us a timeline of surfing in Australia.


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