Back in the day, surfers had to get huge financing from their sponsors to create legit videos. Nowadays, anyone can grab a friend with a video camera and get some footage then put it online within the hour. Gone are the days where a dude can spend a year working on an innovative video part and expect it to still be innovative a year after they nailed — and filmed — some maneuver.

In this timeless edit, freesurfer Nate Tyler posts a clip that will be relevant today and in one year. While watching, you’ll probably be thinking, “oh, he’s definitely not going to land that air,” then be stunned as the dude goes mental. Check this out and enjoy the groovy music that accompanies it.

Video: Vacation Club

Daniel Lofaso
Daniel Lofaso
Daniel Lofaso covers the WSL, local surf topics, surfing fitness and nutrition and is the tech nerd behind SwellSpy.

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