Best Wetsuit Bags for 2022

Daniel Lofaso

Whether traveling up the coast or across the globe, it’s best not to mix wet wetsuits with any of your dry gear. That’s why we’ve put together this list of best wetsuit bags that range from wetsuit backpacks to wetsuit change mats, to surf buckets. Check out our list put together by our editorial team for an assortment of wet/dry bags for any lifestyle or budget.

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Best wetsuit backpack


Dakine Mission Surf DLX Wet/Dry Bag 40L

The Dakine Mission Surf DLX Wet/Dry Bag is our top choice for an all-around wetsuit backpack with wet/dry capabilities and all the other stuff you’d expect from a backpack. We really like Dakine products for surf travel and this wetsuit backpack travels nicely when compared to some of the more traditional wetsuit bags on this list.

It can fit a 5/4 wetsuit plus gloves and booties in the wet/dry section, has compartments for laptops and electronics, and it has a nice fleece-lined area for your sunnies.

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Best multi-purpose wetsuit bag


Creatures of Leisure Wetsuit Change Mat

The Creature of Leisure Wetsuit Change Mat is your basic waterproof change mat. You step inside, take off your wetsuit (preferably with a towel around your junk), and let the moisture fall into the mat. Then, when you’re done creeping out the locals in your towel, you pull up the drawstring, throw it in your creepy van (which probably smells like mildew anyway), and you’re off.

The change mat turns into a wetbag as well; just don’t forget to take your wetsuit out of your car when you’re home.

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Best wetsuit drybag


Rip Curl Surf Series 10L Dry Bag

A no frills wetsuit dry bag for the surfer who needs nothing more than a dry place to store their wetsuit. It’s got plenty of room for a full-suit and some other wet gear, and we really like the simple roll up and clip design.

We also really like the old school Rip Curl Wetsuits logo that reminds of times of yesteryear when our surfing forefathers didn’t even have wetsuits… or wetsuit drybags. Suckers.

Our pick for

Best 50L dry bag (+/-)


Creatures of Leisure Surf Bucket

This Creatures of Leisure Surf Bucket is for the guy or gal with a ton of wet gear they need to stow. Perhaps even the surf mom or dad who is desperately trying to keep the minivan as dry as possible.

It can be used as a wetsuit change mat or as a great wet gear storage solution. What we like about it is that it can double as a storage container for those long beach days. The bucket also folds down flat when not in use.

Our pick for

Best cinchable wetsuit bag


Ho Syndicate Cinch Changing Mat

If what you are into is something that can get you out of a pinch in a cinch (see what we did there?) then you’ll want the no-fuss Ho Syndicate Cinch Changing Mat. Stand in it, change out of your wet surf gear, then cinch it up and enjoy the internal waterproofing as you go about your day enjoying the fact that your car won’t get wet.

Other features our editorial team likes are the lockable drawstring and the internal pocket which we found handy for our keys when using on the beach. Overall, it’s a simple wetsuit changing mat that gets the job done.

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