Sharpeye Inferno 72 review
Overall Rating

Sharpeye Inferno 72 Surfboard Review

Board and Dims:

5’9” x 19 1/4” x 2.5” - 28.1L (Dark Arts construction)

5’9” x 19 1/4” x 2.54” - 28.5L (E-2 construction)

Review by: @danielvaldenegro

Surfer dims: 5'7" 165 pounds

This is a review by SwellSpy friend Daniel Valdenegro who actually has two of these boards, one in the E2 construction and a newer board in Dark Arts construction.

Daniel surfs in Central Florida and also has used the E2 board in heavier surf in Costa Rica.

This board was made famous by Filipe Toledo who famously used it at the Kelly Slater Surf Ranch contest - and won - and as the winner of the prestigeous 2021 Stab in the Dark contest.

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Review of: Sharpeye Inferno 72

Overall Rating
Board Attributes


















Excels in 3-6 ft surf
Super user-friendly
Lively construction in Dark Arts
Great pop and release
Super durable in Dark Arts construction


Not ideal on waves with bump
Hard to set rails for barrels in Dark Arts construction
Don't love for waves 2'+ overhead
sharpeye inferno 72 dark arts review deck
sharpeye inferno 72 dark arts review back
sharpeye inferno 72 E2 review deck
sharpeye inferno 72 E2 review back

The two Inferno 72s in both E2 and Dark Arts (all black) construction.

Inferno 72 Surfboard Review

Surfer reviewer specs:

  • Height: 5’7”
  • Weight: 165
  • Dimensions ridden: 5'9" | 19 1/4" | 2.5"
  • 28.1L
  • Fins: varies, but recommend Sharpeye Fins

What I liked

  • The model is very fun in the 4-6ft range (also works in 3ft with punch). Fun on rail, paddles well, and can handle barrels pretty well. Personally my favorite model so far.
  • User friendly, especially if you have a neutral stance. I found it to have less of a learning curve compared to other boards I’ve tried.
  • The Dark Arts (DA) construction makes the model feel more lively compared to other constructions, I previously had it in E-2.
  • DA construction is very durable and feels lighter than regular epoxy and PU. You can go a bit less on volume compared to regular epoxy. I went from 28.5L down to 28.1 on the DA.
  • When bottom turning it feels like DA has more spring and provides more speed up the wave compared to other construction.
  • Top turns feel like it has more pop and release in DA compared to other construction.
  • If you like riding epoxy boards you will definitely like the DA construction. I had the same model in E2 construction before I got it in DA. I really liked it in E2 but I love it in DA.

What I disliked

  • If the wave face is very bumpy the E-2 and DA construction tends to make the board feel very stiff and rails don’t engage as well compared to traditional PU.
  • A little harder to set your rails for barrels in DA construction.
  • Once waves get bigger than 2ft over head and have power it tends to feel out of control. Better off on a traditional PU step up after that point.

From $1,275

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Image: Reviewer Daniel Valdenegro leaning in at Satellite Beach, FL


My Firsthand Sharpeye Inferno 72 Review

Initial Takeaway

When I first tried the model in E-2 construction I found it to have a very short learning curve. It didn’t take long to get used to compared to other boards I’ve had in the past. It took about 3 sessions for me to really like the model. Once I was used to it it, it felt really good under my feet and always found my self on it.

When I first tried it in DA construction I was hooked and made me love the model a lot more. Turns and hits felt awesome and felt like my surfing had a bit more spice to it.


So far DA construction feels more durable, minimal compression marks on deck as of now but I have only had it for a couple of weeks. The E-2 construction (stringer-less) I had is also pretty strong but I put compression marks on the deck faster and it lasted me 8 months before it started to buckle.


The DA construction is definitely more pricey compared to what I payed for it in E-2, about a 400 price difference. Since DA construction is so expensive I don’t recommend getting it if you haven’t tried the model already. I recommend going DA once you know you like the model. Otherwise, it can be an expensive hit or miss.

Volume Considerations

DA construction is very durable and feels lighter than regular epoxy and PU. You can go a bit less on volume compared to regular epoxy.


If you get it in Futures I recommend getting the F8 Blackstix.

If you get it in FCS 2 I recommend the Sharpeye fins, KA’s worked as well.

Who is this board recommended for?

I recommend for surfers with a neutral stance and surfers that are intermediate to advanced.

I don't recommend for waves with a lot of bump on the face or in waves 6ft + with power.

Recommended fins:





Kolohe Andino fins

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Daniel Lofaso