Pyzel White Tiger Review
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Pyzel White Tiger Surfboard Review

Board and Dims:

5'6" | 19 1/2" | 2 1/2" | 30.1L / 3 Fin | Futures

I purchased the White Tiger as my everyday shortboard that could be used in pretty much any conditions Florida throws at it. Pyzel describes this board as "a fun, stubby little board designed for average/below average waves" and that is exactly what it is.

It's got a wider nose and tail, some volume in the chest area, and a single to double concave that transitions to a vee/double concave in the last third. In layman terms, it's built for getting around flat sections, getting into waves easy, and maintaining speed when you're up and riding.

Perhaps what I like most about this board is that it is also really fun in clean, overhead surf, and gives me the best of both worlds in terms of groveling and performance surfing.

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Review of: White Tiger (Pyzel in Dark Arts Construction)

Overall Rating
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Small wave performance magic
Wide nose means easy glide-ins
Wide tail provides tons of stability and speed
Stubby outline perfect for average days
Versatile enough to use when waves get good


I honestly can't think of any

Just looking at this board makes me want to surf. Buy one and you'll feel the same way.

Pyzel White Tiger Surfboard Review

When shopping for a small wave surfboard, I wanted something that had the following characteristics:

  • wider nose and tail
  • low rocker
  • extra volume under the chest
  • fuller rails with some tapering
  • bonus: versatility via fin changes

This Pyzel is pretty similar to the Super Brand "The Fling" model, based on what some friends have said. These boards have an uncanny ability to work with even the smallest amount of swell (or wind chop) in the water, generating speed and flow with the added benefit of being able to surf more vertically.

For me, that last characteristic - the ability to surf vertically - was the deciding factor in getting this board. Most small wave surfboards either have you sacrifice performance for speed, or volume for performance. With the White Tiger, Pyzel seems to have figured out a way to get you out in small waves while still being able to put it on rail and go 12 o'clock in ways most small wave surfboards won't as it comes to really mushy surf.

The rails are a bit boxy, but because they are tapered it allows the board to hold volume but not sacrifice (too much) in the performance surfing arena. For me, this is the main reason I'd recommend this surfboard to your quiver.

From $855

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Surfer reviewer specs:

  • Height: 6’1”
  • Weight: 165
  • Dimensions ridden: 5'6" | 19 1/2" | 2 1/2"
  • 30.1L
  • Fins: I usually ride the Alpha Futures

Testing the limits of the White Tiger (and my mediocre surfing) at the Waco Wave pool.


My Firsthand White Tiger Review (in Dark Arts construction)

Initial Takeaway

After riding twins and an overly high performance Pyzel Phantom (as it concerns daily Florida surf) for a while, the White Tiger was exactly what my quiver needed for checking off the list of having a "funformance" surfboard and basically a daily-driver that is always in the truck on the way to surf.

It grovels, handles more aggressive surfing, and glides into waves with ease.


This board is just all-around awesome. When you have a nice section in front of you, it allows you to drive right through it or maintain speed in flat sections.

The tail is pretty wide though, so if you are looking for a squirelly feel this probably would not be ideal for you. That said, you may be able to ride this as a twin or with smaller fins to get something a little bit more responsive.

In fact, Noel Salas from Surf n Show recommended that I try this board out as a 2+1 as that is how he prefers to ride it.


These days, I am pretty much only investing in Dark Arts boards in carbon fiber construction. I say investing because they are considerably more expensive than your everday poly or epoxy board. However, because these boards seem to be somewhat impervious to dinging or experiencing that dulling effect most surfboards go through, I consider it a worthwhile investment.

Surfboard Weight

Like with most things in the sporting world, weight reduction is always a component of progression. This is where these boards really shine.

I will say, however, that the significant difference in weight took me some time to get used to when I first got on a Dark Arts.

This one was my second, so I was already familiar with the feel.


As mentioned, I purchased this board in Dark Arts construction for something like $1,400. You can pick one up in poly construction for around $855 at the time of this writing. It's a newer model, so the price will likely come down in the coming months.

Volume Considerations

For me, I usually go up a little in volume for my groveler-type boards. I usually ride shortboards in the 29.5 liter range, and the board actually comes in that exact literage stock. However, since it was intended to be my small wave board, I opted for the 30.1 liter board and don't regret it.

Who is this board recommended for?

If you want a small wave addition to your quiver or you generally surf smaller waves in the knee to head high range and just want one board, I'd highly recommend the Pyzel White Tiger.

Turns, airs, flowing down the line... it can do it all. Plus if it gets a touch bigger and you still want something familiar under your feet, it will still work.


Daniel Lofaso

Frequents FP & Sebastian Inlet's.