Best Midlength / Funshape Surfboards of 2024

Daniel Lofaso

Along with the fish, the biggest resurgence in surfboard shapes is undoubtedly the midlength (aka funshape) surfboard. 

The reasons behind the popularity of midlengths are plentiful: they have lots of paddle power; they work in a variety of conditions; beginners and pros can enjoy them; and they are just flat out fun no matter who you are or whatever skills you have.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular midlengths on the market right now so you can find the best one for you.

Note that we’ve only listed one board per shaper to keep things simple and have used the words “midlength” and “funshape” interchangeably throughout.

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Best high performance midlength surfboard


Middy by Chilli

The Middy by Chilli is the epitome of the midlength so much so that Chilli literally had the name reflect it. This board has a full nose for awesome paddle power, an accentuated curve through the middle parts of the board, and a soft, round tail for smooth arcing turns.

If you want to catch a lot of waves, utilize minimal effort paddling, and enjoy the benefits of a more heighten level of performance from a midlength, the Middy should be at the top of your list.

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Best hybrid midlength


Ohlson Twin by STCY MFG

Another performance midlength yet with a twin fin setup, the Ohlson Twin by STCY MFG is a bit of a hybrid surfboard in more sense than one. The twin fin setup will give it loads of speed and flow while the single entry to double concave and vee out the tail bottom will provide lots of water displacement, making it an incredibly user-friendly board.

Best suited as a fast, down-the-line cruiser with the capability to do some high performance surfing, this twin fin midlength will hold a special place in your quiver.

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Best entry-level midlength surfboard


Ranchero Single Fin by Jack's Surfboards

More of a traditional funshape and something of a mini longboard, the Ranchero Single Fin by Jack’s Surfboards is a fun addition to the quiver of a beginner or someone wanting a board that is really easy to move around on. In addition to being one of the most modestly-priced (non-foamie) boards on this list, it also comes with a fin and fin key for sort of an all-in-one package that gets you in the water with a minimal investment.

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Best midlength for durability


Little Darlin by Gerry Lopez

If surf nostalgia, a killer finish, and impressive durability are important to you, the Little Darlin by Gerry Lopez is your top pick. The board comes in Surftech construction, well-known for its strength and longevity, without the compromise that may come with alternative construction.

Capable of higher performance surfing as well as performance in more critical waves, if you are looking for a midlength that can go on surf trips, this may be a viable option.

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Best beginner midlength


Foamie 7'0 Softboard by Buell

This softtop funshape from Buell is the perfect summertime board for kids or someone who really doesn’t want to take their surfing too serious. That said, it doesn’t mean you can’t do some serious surfing on this board, I’ve seen some guys out on these on fun days catching tons of waves whilst performing on them, so this is certainly a high-performance softtop, as far as softtops go.

Best Midlength Surfboard for Beginners

The best midlength or funshape surfboard for beginners is the Foamie 7’0” by Buell. Beginners want a board that is inexpensive, durable, and that is less likely to cause injuries. In the event you want something that is not foam, I’d recommend the Ranchero Single Fin by Jack's Surfboards because it is relatively inexpensive and a great paddler. 

Best Midlength Surfboard Analysis Criteria

As mentioned, the best midlength or funshape surfboard for you may not be the best surfboard for someone else. Where you may want something cruisy for styling down the line, someone else may want something they can do some new school maneuvers on. This is why our list contains a variety of boards from a variety of shapers.

Surfboard shapers don’t publish sales data, and there is no central hub where surfers buy boards where you can find loads of reviews (like Amazon), so you just sort of have to know a thing or two about boards, brands, and shapers.

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