5 Best Surf Changing Mats for 2024

Daniel Lofaso

If you’ve ever had to change out of a wetsuit in a dirt parking lot you know why a surf changing mat is a total game changer.

First off, tracking a bunch of dirt into your wetsuit can hinder its lifespan, and with the prices of wetsuits going up these days you need these things to last. Second, there’s the wetness factor; where the hell do you put your wetsuit so it won’t drip all over your car, get it moldy, and give your significant other the old stink face every time they get in your jalopy?

Well, the solution is a changing mat and we’ve round up the best of the best.

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Best all-around change mat

Creatures of Leisure Wetsuit Change Mat

The Creature of Leisure Wetsuit Change Mat is your basic waterproof change mat. You step inside, take off your wetsuit (preferably with a towel around your junk), and let the moisture fall into the mat. Then, when you’re done creeping out the locals in your towel, you pull up the drawstring, throw it in your creepy van (which probably smells like mildew anyway), and you’re off.

The change mat turns into a wetbag as well; just don’t forget to take your wetsuit out of your car when you’re home.

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Best no fuss change mat

Dorsal Changing Wetsuit Mat

A changing mat for the true purist, the Dorsal Changing Wetsuit Mat made of synthetic turf is a real parking lot head-turner. It’s grass-like qualities mean you can use its bristles to rub off sand and dirt, and you can rest your wet gear on it in the car while traveling.

We like this mat because it is really easy to hose down after use and because it can roll up quite nicely. The mat comes in a number of different color borders, and is our top pick for a no fuss change mat.

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Best XL change mat

Creatures of Leisure Surf Bucket

This Creatures of Leisure Surf Bucket is for the guy or gal with a ton of wet gear they need to stow. Perhaps even the surf mom or dad who is desperately trying to keep the minivan as dry as possible.

It can be used as a wetsuit change mat or as a great wet gear storage solution. What we like about it is that it can double as a storage container for those long beach days. The bucket also folds down flat when not in use.

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Best budget change mat

Ho Stevie! Wetsuit Changing Mat

If what you are into is something that can get you out of a pinch in a cinch (see what we did there?) then you'll want the no-fuss, cinchable Ho Stevie! Wetsuit Changing Mat. Stand in it, change out of your wet surf gear, then cinch it up and enjoy the internal waterproofing as you go about your day enjoying the fact that your car won't get wet.

Other features our editorial team likes are the lockable drawstring and dual purpose of a dry bag. Overall, it’s a simple wetsuit changing mat that gets the job done.

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Best premium change mat

Hang 11 Wetsuit Changing Mat

The Hang 11 Wetsuit Changing Mat is our premium pick. Changing out of your wetsuit is a breeze with this extra-large 32-inch mat. It can effortlessly hold 2-3 wetsuits or a combination of 1 wetsuit, 1 surf changing poncho, and a treasure trove of surf accessories. It’s made from extra thick and durable PVC with unique SealTec 100% Waterproofing Technology. The mat's ability to cinch into a dry bag ensures it’s waterproof, keeping your car nice and clean. The portability of this bag is great, since it’s equipped with ergonomic handles, a nifty storage pouch and a handy shoulder strap.

These Waterproof Change Mats are Great for all Outdoor Activities

Going for a hike? Gearing up for a mountain bike ride? Just plain stink?

These changing mats can be used for the outdoor enthusiast or surfer. If you have wet gear you want safe from the rest of your car these multipurpose changing mats with waterproof functionality will help you keep everything in order. Good luck with the smelling like mold part though.

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