A Surfboard Buying Guide for Intermediate to Advanced Surfers Analysis paralysis. The feeling you likely get when trying to answer the question “what surfboard should I get” out of fear of spending your hard-earned money on something you might not like. Trust me, as more surfboard options have entered the fold more surfers are experiencing […]

This holiday season, get the shredder in your life a surfer gift they will cherish forever.  Something that makes surfing more enjoyable, provides some convenience around the surf experience, or gives them with a little something you know they’ve had their eye on but just wouldn’t buy for themselves. Here’s a hand-picked list of surfer […]

“Bro, they sell surfboards at Costco.” I still remember the call from a friend of mine who picked up an 8 ft foamie while stockpiling his annual supply of Beck’s Oktoberfest. “And they’re only $100 bucks.” The rest, as they say, is history. He had one, I had one, my buddy got one for his […]

Listen. I get it, buying a beginner surfboard can be a difficult and daunting process. You want to buy the best surfboard at the best price and actually catch waves. Don’t sweat it, all surfers go through it at some stage or another (or parents of surfers too). In this guide, we’ll walk you through […]

According to a recent report on the state of paddlesports, standup paddle boarding is enjoying modest growth year-over-year as more people enjoy the benefits of exercise and the great outdoors. The majority of participants live in coastal regions as one would expect, but standup paddle (SUP) boarding has made its waay to inland states with […]