Best Gifts for Surfers This Holiday Season

Last Updated on November 20, 2022

This holiday season, get the shredder in your life a surfer gift they will cherish forever. 

Something that makes surfing more enjoyable, provides some convenience around the surf experience, or gives them with a little something you know they’ve had their eye on but just wouldn’t buy for themselves.

Here’s a hand-picked list of surfer gift ideas that is sure to please the ocean-lover in your life.

Surf Changing Mat

Creatures of Leisure Wetsuit Change Mat

The Creature of Leisure Wetsuit Change Mat is your basic waterproof change mat. You step inside, take off your wetsuit (preferably with a towel around your junk), and let the moisture fall into the mat. Then, when you’re done creeping out the locals in your towel, you pull up the drawstring, throw it in your creepy van (which probably smells like mildew anyway), and you’re off.

The change mat turns into a wetbag as well; just don’t forget to take your wetsuit out of your car when you’re home. This surfer gift is ideal for the surfer who frequents dirt parking lots or needs a good place to put their saturated wetsuit, boardshorts, or bathing suit.

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Surf Backpack

Quiksilver Sea Stash 20L Medium Surf Backpack 

Our editorial team loves this pack because of its approachable price tag and numerous features. It comes with a bunch of pockets for your electronics, surf accessories, and a nifty water bottle holder.

Also, this is a wet/dry backpack, meaning there is a place for your wet gear that will keep it separate from your dry gear. It’s a perfect surfer present for the traveling surfer or the surfer who needs to bring a bit of gear with them for a day on the beach.

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Surf Tail Pad

Options for Men and Women

Stephanie Gilmore Ecopure Tail Pad by Creatures of Leisure

Steph Gilmore ecopure tail pad

Traction pads are inherently unisex but the color schemes somewhat favor men. Enter this more feminine stomp pad with a “dirty eco pink” color scheme and a fun design by women’s championship tour GOAT Steph Gilmore. This tail pad features the square traction pattern, 3-piece design, and is made out of biodegradable foam.

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Bruce Irons Pro Traction Pad by Dakine

Bruce Irons tail pad

The Bruce Irons Pro Traction Pad by Dakine has arguably been the best-selling stomp pad for years. Despite the popularity of Bruce, this classic design contains a center arch that many people love for contouring to your foot and allowing for rail-to-rail surfing. It’s a 5-piece tail pad so it can also be slightly altered upon installation to your personal preference and it’s offered by one of the most trusted brands in surfing, Dakine.

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Key Lock

FCS Key Lock

This key lock is a must-have item for any surfer who wants to secure their valuables. Rather than doing the “look-around-the-parking-lot-then-stash-your-key-under-the-wheel-well-trick” why not lock you key in a steel case and surf worry-free. This case is foam-backed so it won’t scratch your car and features a four-digit combination lock that you can reset as needed.

It’s a simple, but very useful tool for the driving surfer.

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Board Bag

FCS Day Fun Board Cover

Every surfer needs a board bag to keep their board from getting dinged up and safe from the sun. This FCS board bag is a day bag, meaning it is recommended for day-to-day use in the back of the car, on surf trips, but not necessarily as your airplane travel bag.

We like this board bag because of its high-density foam rail protection, its expandable wing that allows you to transport a board with or without fins, and because of its ‘armadillo’ strip that allows for ventilation so you don’t get gooey wax all over your bag when you leave it in your car.

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Dan L

Dan is the founder and editor of SwellSpy and frequently surfs Sebastian and Ft. Pierce inlets. He loves classic Land Rovers, a good BBQ, and an uncrowded peak with friends.

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